Why Choose Us?

All that glitters is not gold — What you’ll get at the franchise or larger stores:

A ticket with a number on it

Larger service providers can’t provide the careful, personalized attention we deliver and often, your computer will be shipped off to another location — if it’s repaired at all.

At M.A.C. Berkeley, we’ll service your computer in-house and keep you informed so there are no surprises. We’ll take the time to understand the issues you’re experiencing and ensure your solution is working, even after you’ve taken your equipment home.

Cookie-cutter solutions

Many franchises work with a standard set of instructions so they can process transactions — that’s ‘you’ in their language — quickly. While this high-volume approach satisfies their needs, it’s not likely to meet yours.

At M.A.C. Berkeley we’ve literally repaired thousands — hands on. We can offer you something a standard set of instructions can’t — years of experience, a wide range of expertise and the ability to think and adapt in real time.

Shown to the door (if you’re out of warranty)

Enough said. If your equipment is out of warranty, bring it to us. We’re happy to work on it.

A backache, headache or at the very least, a wasted afternoon

M.A.C. Berkeley makes housecalls. We’ll come to your residence or business and repair or install equipment on site.

A lemon that you can’t make lemonade with

For most retailers, the imperative is to sell product, whether it’s good or not. At M.A.C. Berkeley, we only sell equipment we personally recommend.

The rug pulled out from under you

For many technicians, the best and quickest solution is to wipe your drive clean — meaning you’ll lose your data. M.A.C. Berkeley believes this approach not only lacks integrity but can be a crashing blow to your personal, creative or business pursuits. We’ll take the time to diagnose your computer thoroughly and do everything we can to keep your dignity and data intact.