M.A.C. Berkeley

Berkeley’s neighborhood technology source
** Now a Boost, T-Mobile, Ultra and GoSmart Dealer **

Closing at 5:00pm on Thursday June 30th
Closed for the Long Weekend
Saturday July 2nd to Monday July 4th
Open again Tuesday July 5th

Since 1985, M.A.C. Berkeley has been providing the Berkeley community with friendly, efficient computer repair and equipment. We’re committed to providing our customers with customer service that’s smart, responsive and dependable. And while we’re a local business, our experts are world-class, offering decades of experience and expertise.

M.A.C. Berkeley services Apple computers (including those out of warranty) and sells a wide variety of products by Apple and other makers. At M.A.C. Berkeley, we help our customers by de-mystifying technology, helping them find the equipment that best meets their needs and providing smart, effective and honest system repair.